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ABC's of Financial Aid

Can I afford to send my child to college?
Education tax credits
Finding money to pay college bills out of pocket
Going back to school as an adult
Health insurance for college students
Helping your child make the transition from high school to college
How student loans impact your credit
Research tips when choosing a college
Saving for retirement and a child's education at the same time
Sticker shock--creative ways to lower the cost of college
Student loan basics
The best ways to save for college
The college application process

Estate Planning

Asset protection in estate planning
Estate planning and 529 plans
Transferring your family business
Estate planning--an introduction
Facing the possibility of incapacity
Gift and estate taxes
Trust basics
Wills - the cornerstone of your estate plan


Decision Tools Business

Business life insurance needs
Business succession planning alternatives
Choosing a business entity
How cross purchase plans work
How entity purchase plans work
Number of policies needed with a cross purchase plan
Planning for succession of a business interest

Estate Planning basics

529 Plan Federal estate tax calculator
529 Plan Federal estate tax calculator - (Consumer Version)
Common incapacity documents
Estate shrinkage
Federal estate tax estimator
Federal transfer tax exemption amounts under the Tax Act of 2001
Steps to estate planning success
Table of federal estate tax brackets and exemption limits


FAQs Estate and Gift tax

How can I determine what my business is worth for estate and gift tax purposes?
How can I minimize taxes on my estate?
How will estate taxes be paid if I leave no provision in my will?
I intend to make tuition payments directly to my grandchild's college, and I know this will reduce my estate. But would it be better to contribute to a 529 plan instead?
I just made a gift. Do I have to file a gift tax return?
If I am the account owner when I die, will the value of my 529 account be included in my estate?
The death benefit from insurance on my life will be paid to an irrevocable life insurance trust (ILIT). What if those funds are needed to pay my estate taxes?
What is a family limited partnership, and will it help reduce estate taxes?
What is the applicable exclusion amount?
Will the value of my 529 account be included in my estate or my beneficiary's estate?


Estate Planning Basics

How often do I need to review my estate plan?
Isn't estate planning only for the rich?
What makes up my taxable estate?


Tax Planning Articles General Tax Planning

Am I having enough withheld?
Choosing an income tax filing status
Help! I can't pay my tax bill
Income tax planning and 529 plans
Surviving an audit
Tax benefits of home ownership
Tax planning for income
Tax planning for the self-employed
Taxation of investments
Year-end tax planning


Decision Tools General Tax  Planning

Accelerating deductions/postponing Income
Accelerating income/postponing deductions
Federal individual income tax fundamentals
Remarriage with children: income tax considerations


FAQs General Tax Planning

Am I having enough tax withheld from my paycheck?
Are my Social Security benefits subject to income tax?
Are scholarships and grants subject to federal income tax?
Do I have to file a federal income tax return?
Do I have to pay U.S. taxes when I work abroad?
How did the Jobs and Growth Tax Relief Reconciliation Act of 2003 change capital gains tax rates?
I don't have the cash to pay my taxes. What can I do?
I have investment property. What does basis mean, and how do I determine the basis of my property?
I received a state tax refund last year. Must I include that amount as income on my federal return this year?
My spouse passed away this year. When I file my taxes, what filing status should I claim?
What is my tax bracket?
What is the alternative minimum tax?
What is the basis of property received as a gift?
What is the kiddie tax?
What penalties and interest will I be charged for paying and filing my federal income taxes late?
What's the difference between an "injured spouse" and an "innocent spouse"?
Will I have to pay tax on my investment income?